Myths and truths of maternal and postpartum girdles

Surely you have heard several comments for and against the use of support girdles during and after pregnancy, because, as well as its proper use can be of great help for your health and comfort, a bad use can bring several contraindications.

Therefore, it is advisable in all cases to investigate, advise or go to a specialist doctor to tell you how to use this accessory and for how long.

At ColombianFigure.Com, we are sure that our maternal and postpartum girdles will be a perfect complement for you and your baby, so we want you to know what myths and truths exist about the use of these garments.

Myth # 1 – Maternal girdles tightens the tummy and hurts the baby

The maternal girdles are like a well-fitting panties, which cover the entire stomach, and which incorporates a band in the lower part of the abdomen helping to support the weight of the belly, avoiding exhaustion and pain in the mother’s back and possible discomfort in the formation and growth of the baby.

Myth # 2 – All women should use girdles after giving birth

Each body is different and recovers at its own pace after pregnancy. However, the use of postpartum girdles is recommended to obtain a recovery of the skin, since its use helps the muscle to adhere to it again.

Something important and that you should take into account when you are going to buy your postpartum girdle, is the type of delivery that you experienced at the birth of your baby. Having undergone a cesarean section is a determining factor in choosing a closure girdle, since a clasp girdle could hurt the fissure. If your birth is natural, the most recommended is to use a girdle with clasps because its compression is a little higher and thus you will have better results.

Myth # 3 – Wearing the girdle all the time helps reduce the waist

Indeed, putting on a girdle after pregnancy helps reduce the abdominal volume gained during that stage. Our recommendation is that you accompany him for some massages that help you evacuate liquids, since if you only compress your belly, your recovery will not be totally successful. You can do these massages yourself, at home after bathing, or at night before going to bed following the instructions of your doctor.

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